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With major search engines (Google) updating their algorithm over 500 times per year, it is critical to remain both proactive and reactive to these changes. As search engines algorithms are constantly changing in order to attempt to make their results more relevant for users; sites fall in and out of favour and must be continuously optimised in order to continue to perform.

Please see the following link for details on Google algorithm changes: 


External links

External link-building is recognised as the single most important element in gaining high search engine rankings. We have an extensive database of link opportunities for every conceivable industry and website. We build a set number of links to your website each month, all links are from pages with a good level of Google page rank and we pay particular care and attention to obtain only high quality links.

Original content written

Unique content is the lifeblood of a quality website, and is regarded as being the second important part of the search engine algorithms (along with link building). Having good quality hand-written content that is on topic and relevant to your site will not only engage your users and ensure that they keep coming back for more, but will also give you a much better chance at ranking well in the search engines. Writing quality unique content can be a difficult and time consuming task, we sub-contract this task to a team of professional UK based writers, researchers and proof readers who create a set number of original articles or blog posts for your website each month. All of the content is 100% written by humans. We do NOT use any automated tools to 'borrow' content from other websites and reword it in attempt to rapidly create unique content and fool the search engines.

Monthly rankings report

Every month you will receive a report which details all of the keyword phrases we are targeting for your website. The report will show what position you currently rank for each keyword and any ranking movements up or down. This gives full visibility on progress and how our service is working for you.

Keyword research

This is one of the most important aspects of SEO before you even think about anything else. If you aren't targeting the correct keyword phrases then the pay off from implementing the two methods mentioned above will be much lower than it should be. We use various tools to research which keywords are most relevant to your goals but which also provide a reasonable number of searches and are not so competitive as to make obtaining good rankings un-realistic. Your keyword goals can and will change over time (even if it's just to maximise rankings for further keywords after establishing your main ones), so it's vital that this is continually reviewed.

Competitor analysis

A thorough analysis to determine your competitor’s current external linking strategies by bringing together all their recent and historical links. We can provide you with all the external links that your competitors have gained, and then we will establish an external linking strategy, which could include seeking cross-linking opportunities. Our systems can dig up some incredibly valuable information, for example your competitor could be ranking high due a very authoritative link they have acquired which potentially you could also acquire to boost your own rankings.

Professional press release

Professionally written press release according to your requirements. Distribution to the press through PRWeb Premium ($369 value), featured on industry specific sites such as WebMD, WSJ, CNNMoney, TravelWeek, PCMagazine, BusinessWeek depending on what niche you are in and premium news outlets such as USA Today, NY Times, Washington Post and more through the Associated Press. Sent to more than 250,000 PRWeb news subscribers and 30,000+ journalists and bloggers. Your content gets delivered to over 30,000 'influencers' – these are journalists and bloggers who can promote your article on their own sites and other authority sites.

Social media management

Social Media is an important part of SEO strategy and it's important to effectively use social networks to promote your business. if you already have a presence on these networks we will use your existing accounts or if not we will actually create the relevant pages and accounts for you. We will manage your social media presence by posting relevant content from your website, informing users about any promotions or discounts that you may be running, or keeping them informed of any news. We will never communicate with your users on any matters that you do not wish us to be involved in (e.g. customer complaints or technical support etc).

Google Adwords management

If you would like to run pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on Google Adwords we can manage these campaigns for you using the same data we have gathered during our keyword research and competitor analysis. Adwords can be very effective if managed correctly, but it can also be a huge waste of money if it isn't handled by experienced people who know how to research keywords properly and how to optimise ad copy and perform the appropriate setup of the wealth of Adwords options and settings required for a successful campaign that provides maximum return on investment. We can deal with all of this for you.


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