Website Design Northern Ireland - Why Choose Us?

1. Better, more personalised customer service

In a really over-crowded industry, we feel that what sets Problue apart from a lot of our competitors is the fact that we can provide a very personalised one-to-one service which larger companies simply cannot do.

2. Superior framework = better foundations

The quality of a proprietary or 'home-made' Content Management System developed by any web design studio cannot match the sheer power, flexibility and highly advanced features of Drupal. We build every website with Drupal and we wouldn't dream of using anything else.

3. No ego tax or big agency fees

Some web designers believe that their artistic ability automatically gives them the right to charge you large fees regardless of whether their efforts will actually give you a return on investment. We have no such ego and we charge a fair price based on the value we really add to your business. We also aren't a big web agency so we don't need to charge the huge fees that come with that.

4. Direct communication

When you work with us you talk directly to the person in charge of developing your website, you don't have to climb over a corporate wall to get speaking to the right person. We are a small studio and this is one of our biggest strengths in providing great service.

5. We won't sell you something you don't need

We’re not sales people. Many of our competitors have sales people who will happily sell you solutions which are not suited to your needs. We never try to 'up sell' or use any other dirty sales tactic to sell you something that will not be of any benefit to you.

6. Mutually beneficial partnerships

Around half of our work is repeat business from clients who have been with us for several years. It's absolutely vital to our own future that we provide a service that you are happy with, we love getting new clients but we also work hard to make sure you remain a client of ours.

7. Most of our clients come to us through word of mouth

From the very beginning we have been very lucky that we have not had to run large advertising campaigns to seek out new jobs or clients, almost all of our clients arrive via word of mouth and recommendations. This is not something we take for granted and we know that we must work hard to maintain our reputation, but we do hope that this gives a good indication of the level of service we provide.

8. Friendly and relaxed approach

We are serious about providing high class solutions, but we are very friendly and informal in how we do this. We will be open and honest with you at all times, we are never afraid to tell you that your idea may not be a good one, but we are also very flexible and we listen to your views at all times.

9. Our after sales service is second to none

We spend a lot of time communicating with clients after their website has been launched. This is not limited to support queries or resolving problems, we provide consultancy on a wide range of things and more often than not we end up providing advice or helping out with things totally unrelated to your website. We are always happy to help with anything that will make your business more money.

10. Our promise to you

Money back guarantees are thrown about these days with no real meaning. Rest assured that we would much prefer to refund a client in full if we have not performed to our own high standards. Taking your money when you are geuinely not happy with our work makes no sense and the short term financial gain is not worth losing a valued client and the ensuing damage to our reputation.


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