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We deliver custom website functionality using the most popular website platform in the world



We build small business websites harnessing the power and flexibility of Wordpress to deliver special and custom functionality in modern solutions at an affordable price point. We also provide maintenance and support plans for existing Wordpress websites.

Using Wordpress we can keep costs down during development. Due to its popularity, there are thousands of plugins available which we can connect and configure to achieve your required functionality instead of programming everything from scratch which can result in astronomical costs.

Wordpress is open source and supported by thousands of web development companies around the world, which means you are not locked into a proprietary system and if necessary another Wordpress company or Wordpress expert can easily take over from us supporting and developing your website.

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Wordpress is the most popular website platform in the world. The reason for this is it's ease of use and great user experience for the website editor/manager. It's supported by a huge number of developers across the world and has plugins for almost anything you can think of. Wordpress is our go-to choice for many small business websites that do not require extremely sophisticated or enterprise level features.

We bring a wealth of experience to the table which is not just Wordpress-specific. Many Wordpress developers work solely with Wordpress and nothing else, and this can cause issues when a challenging requirement arises. Our experience in other CMS systems and bespoke website development means you are not constricted by the platform.

Wordpress is used by a massive number of websites, including: Walt Disney, Techcrunch, Marks & Spencer, The Rolling Stones, Reuters Blogs, Katy Perry, Mercedes-Benz and many more.

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