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We develop highly tailored E-commerce websites allowing you to sell your products or services on the internet without having to work around limitations found in many off-the-shelf systems like Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce etc.

Why choose us to develop your e-commerce website?

  • We DON'T use a proprietary system with recurring license fees (just a one time fee).
  • We DO use an open source platform that can be extended to do precisely what you want.
  • You are NOT locked into a proprietary ecosystem, there are no limits on functionality.

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You have full control over your product catalogue and using staff accounts you can log in and add new products, modify existing products or disable or delete products as necessary. Adding products is quick and easy using the intuitive content editor which has a Microsoft Word style feel. We can set up your product content type to include multiple images, videos or any other multimedia features. Your products can also have other custom fields containing whatever data you wish, everything is totally customisable!

We can develop a fully flexible access rights system where members of staff who log into your website to do different things can have different levels of access. For example you may want to limit a full administrator account to a technical person (or just leave all of that to us), you may want to have someone who can process orders but cant edit any products or content, and you may want someone who can edit things but cant see orders etc. Anything is possible and we can set it all up to cater to your specific needs.

Your website can accept card payments using a Stripe merchant account. Millions of businesses of all sizes—from startups to large enterprises—use Stripe’s software and APIs to accept payments, send payouts, and manage their businesses online. 1.4% + 20p for European cards 2.9% + 20p for non-European cards Everything you need to manage payments. Get hundreds of feature updates each year. No setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees.

Imagine you need to sell a t-shirt. This t-shirt comes in different sizes and colors. Each combination of size and color has its own SKU (stock keeping unit), so you know which color and size the customer has purchased and you can track exactly how many of each combination you have in stock. Color and size are product attributes. Blue and small are product attribute options, belonging to the mentioned attributes. The combination of attribute options (with a SKU and a price) is called a product variation. These variations are grouped inside a product. We can build comprehensive product variation systems for your website.

Generally there are 3 main things to consider when developing your shipping options:
  • Product size and weight: What’s the difference in size and weight from your smallest, lightest SKUs to your largest, heaviest SKUs?
  • Shipping destinations: Where are you shipping to - domestic or international?
  • Shipping options: What are the best shipping services or carriers for your unique needs?
We can provide completely customised shipping options using 'rules' that we can define based on your needs. If you have a question about this please be sure to get in touch with us.

Shoppers want to find things fast, so creating a great discovery experience is key to conversion. Faceted search adds product filters to expose your valuable information in an easy-to-shop format. From options to sizes, colors and brands, product filters put each attribute front and centre. The results dynamically adjust based on selection, allowing your shoppers to sort, filter and shop based on what’s important to them.

Drupal Commerce Core offers us powerful pricing options that store administrators can leverage to the extent of their store needs. Store admins can create very clever and complex pricing scenarios to entice customers and increase sales. Discounts and promotions are based on the following:
  • Promotion - a pricing strategy to increase/boost customer sales. It can include product-based discounts or discounts on the entire order. An unlimited number of promotions can be added and will be applied based on the weight that you give each promotion. Promotions with a lower weight will be applied first.
  • Offer - the actual discount that customers will receive. For example, a "10%" discount.
  • Condition - the requirements that need to be met for the promotion to apply. For example, the offer will only apply if the order total is greater than "£100".
  • Compatibility - if the promotion can be combined with other promotions.
  • Coupon - a promotion that will only apply if the customer adds a matching voucher code during checkout.

Inventory tracking can refer to many things, including:
  • Maintaining an accurate count of how many of each of your products are available for purchase.
  • Sending low stock alerts / notifications to yourself or your suppliers
  • Communicating stock levels and product availability to your shoppers.
  • Automating stock level adjustments.
  • Setting up out of stock product behavior.
Stock Keeping Units, or SKUs, are unique identifiers used for tracking inventory. They can be assigned to simple products and to products with variations like different sizes or colors. We can use your product SKUs to provide the above features based on your specific needs.

Setting up taxes in Drupal Commerce is a snap. The component comes bundled with some predefined tax rate plugins, such as European Union VAT and Canadian sales tax. This means that enabling these tax types is as easy as checking a box. Custom tax types can also be created very easily.

In addition to physical products, you can also sell digital files. This can be a fast and convenient way to deliver digital files to customers. When a customer puts a downloadable product in their cart and checks out, the shipping portion of checkout is automatically removed and a link can be provided for the customer to download their files(s), either on your website or in an email which is sent after purchase.

Customising the email templates allows you to tailor your email messaging to fit your brand, adding to the customer experience. Editing your store's email templates is a great way to add a personal touch and branding or you may want to include details of a promotion etc.

If you have hundreds or thousands of products then you probably don't want to create them manually. We can develop custom importers that can read your product data from XML or CSV files that many suppliers can provide, or you may have exported files from another e-commerce system - we can use these to automatically import your products. We can also write advanced HTTP web scrapers that can import product data from a web page, and periodically update the data.

We can provide functionality to allow customers to rate your products out of 5 stars, just like Amazon. We can also provide the ability for customers to leave reviews of your products. This functionality is totally optional. Ratings and reviews can increase trust in customers, when they see that other customers have endorsed a product they are much more likely to purchase it.

We can provide the following recurring payments features:
  • Configurable billing intervals (charge every N days/weeks/months/years)
  • Fixed and rolling interval types (charge on the 1st of the month VS 1 month from the subscription date)
  • Prepaid and postpaid billing types (charge at the beginning or at the end of the billing period)
  • Prorating (adjusting the charged price based on the duration of its usage)
  • Configurable retries (for payment soft/hard declines)
  • Free trials

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