The Hidden Pitfalls of Large Web Hosting Companies
Choosing a web host who takes the time to understand your business is paramount. These providers invest in building a relationship with you, allowing them to offer customised solutions that align with your specific goals and requirements.
The Importance of Registering Your Domain in Your Own Name
Your domain name is a valuable asset that should be under your control. Registering your domain in your own name offers numerous advantages, including ownership, control, security, and flexibility.
Safeguarding Privacy by Hosting Your Website in the European Union
Hosting your website and storing your data in the European Union offers numerous advantages, including the protective umbrella of GDPR.
Why use Microsoft 365 or Hosted Exchange for your email?

Sometimes our clients prefer to use Office 365 (now called Microsoft 365) or Hosted Exchange for th

The Perils of Cheap, Budget Web Hosting
A frequently asked question we get, and the reason why we wrote this blog post is: “Why are some web hosting services more expensive than a cheap 3rd party service I can get from well-known web hosting companies, and why should I choose the more expensive option?”
Sending Automated Emails From Your Website
Sending automated emails from your website sounds simple, but if you run your own website which uses this functionality a lot, you may well be familiar with the dreaded problem of SPAM filters.