Website Maintenance & Support

Keep your website safe, up to date and operating properly for a monthly fee. Everything is looked after pro-actively, so you aren't waiting until something goes wrong.

Your website is always up to date with the latest CMS security patches and updates. You can request continuous minor design changes and iterations for no extra cost.

We can manage your website content, allowing you to get on with running your business. You get priority support meaning your requests go to the top of the queue.

Tailor-made plans are provided that have exactly the features you require, so you are never paying for some aspect of the service that you may not need. Most bespoke requirements can also be accommodated.

Maintenance and support can be provided for websites built on most technologies, including Drupal & Wordpress.


Maintenance & Support

Site Recovery

Security Updates

Module/Plugin Updates

Third-Party Integrations

Site Audits

Site Enhancements

Performance Enhancements

Technical Project Management

Content Entry

Design Changes

Backups & Restores

Assistance to 3rd parties



Keep your website secure and safe from hackers with critical updates and security testing.


Continuous performance monitoring to ensure your website is always online and performing properly.

Content management

We can manage your website content for you, allowing you to get on with running your business.


We can provide priority support meaning your support requests go to the top of the queue.

Internet technology moves quickly. If you don’t make the effort to keep up with the latest advances, your business could be left behind or your website could be exposed to security threats or stop functioning due to outdated technology.

  • One example is the progression of the server technology that makes your website available on the internet. The underlying programming language that runs most websites including Drupal and Wordpress is called PHP and this is constantly evolving. As your website becomes older and older, without frequent maintenance, parts of it will eventually stop working on the latest version of PHP.
  • Another example is the high speed of change in web browsers. Chrome, Firefox and Edge are updated on a regular basis, sometimes these updates introduce signifigant changes to how websites are displayed. Regular maintenance of your website is required to keep up with these changes to ensure it displays perfectly for all users.
  • Most businesses like to make continuous changes and improvements to their website as their business changes or grows. A fixed price maintenance plan can cater for this without having to get additional quotes or pay hourly fees.

Maintenance and support can be provided for websites built on most technologies, including Drupal and WordPress.

Yes, we maintain sites that we did not build or do not host. Just get in touch and we can do a review of your website to determine if we can maintain it.

We offer all types of maintenance services, ranging from design changes, applying security patches, updating modules and plugins, updating CMS core version, updating content, optimising speed, website back-ups, enhancing browser and device compatibility and much more. We can accommodate most requests, and if you are unsure what you need - no problem, just get in touch and we can perform a free review of your website.

Yes, we can perform unlimited design and functionality changes for a fixed monthly fee, allowing your website to constantly evolve and change whilst ensuring a consistent fixed cost.

We offer fully tailored plans that meet your exact needs, so the cost will be dependent on the complexity of your website and the tasks that you need us to perform. Get in touch and we can quickly give you an estimate.

An essential maintenance and support service is provided with all advanced websites that we build costing 15% of the website cost annually. This includes essential updates and support but does not include any changes or enhancements etc.

A customised mainetance plan on the other hand is provided either for websites we did not build or as an add-on to provide other services that are not included with essential maintenance & support.

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